Friday, November 28, 2008

I have to laugh

So the nasty grams have been flying back and forth between Sybil and Norm (a.k.a. ME) and in an attempt to be more accommodating we asked her LAST MONTH if she wanted to switch the ‘school break’ drop off time from 5 to 5:30 (so on days when there isn’t school she drops them off at 5 p.m. instead of them coming home after school..) She typically calls around 5 to say she’s running late and drops them off at more like 5:20 so we offered to change it to 5:30 for her.

Now last week- a month later she’s pitches a fit because in the e-mail we made her sound like she’s running late all the time when “in fact she is NEVER late and she calls to change the time not to tell us she’s running late.” Hmmmm sounds like late to me. So we responded- never mind- we were just trying to be nice but you seemed to have missed that.

I shit you not – Wednesday she was supposed to drop the girls off at 5:00 and she dropped them off at 5:20 without even a phone call. We sat around waiting to go to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner until they got there. I just have to laugh because if I don’t, I’ll go mad. She's so awesome.


  1. Ah, the joy of the pissy email exchange. Just keep in mind, not every rant or bitch session she emails to you requires or deserves a response at all. I've learned that not responding sometimes is the best response.

  2. I know we've done that before too. Our attorney's response: just type "OK"- it's acknowledging that you got it and that's pretty much it. See Norm would rather respond to her in writing otherwise she'll call and then it's a useless conversation of her whining.