Monday, June 29, 2009

Sybil Saga as of Today

So, after the child support hearing, things settled down a bit from a legal standpoint although Sybil was still wreaking havoc consistently everywhere else. Her inappropriate behavior somehow making its way into our home through the girls is, to say the least…a bit unsettling. Throughout her and Marks divorce proceedings we became advocates for Mark and as a result became very good friends with him and his family. We were of course accused of intentionally ganging up on her because we filed around the same time she and Mark were going through their divorce. It truly was a cooincidence even though Mark’s family somewhat encouraged us to go for it. Mark and Sybil had two children – one boy and one girl. The boy is a couple years younger than NM and they’ve become great friends. We don’t expose MN and MS to their former step father and we don’t really talk about him because they’re obviously going to have loyalty to their mother and we respect that.

It was discovered that Sybil was having an affair with another man while she was married to Mark, we’ll call him B3 (a/k/a Back Burner Boy.) This guy was a player she met at a local music festival. Somewhat of a bad-boy who was into extreme sports and lived primarily in Colorado so that he could live near the slopes for snow boarding. They were totally in LOVE of course and the kids adored him. His biggest faults were that he didn’t live close and he wasn’t independantly wealthy. MS had access to his Myspace page that had very inappropriate pictures of Sybil dressed provocatively as a school girl, in a bubble bath with him, licking him and in a teddy. It also contained inappropriate messages from her mother to him telling him to “see what’s in her box” on his birthday. So needless to say we were not impressed. I actually shot him and email because we discovered that he and Sybil were ‘getting it on’ late one night when they were all trashed in Sybil’s parents studio basement apartment she was living in with all the kids there. MS was on the computer while this was going on and complaining to one of her friends about her mom’s behavior. Unbeknownst to me – we found out later that the guy she was ‘getting it on’ with wasn’t B3 –it was ANOTHER GUY (we’ll call him Hobbs). OOOPS! My bad. So B3 responded like a month later claiming Sybil was the greatest woman on earth and the best mother despite her indescretions etc. etc. and that we should stop attacking her. PUKE! I responded with a nice lengthy email that he had no clue what the f*ck he was talking about and that I wished him and Sybil the best.

Throughout the last year she has been stringing B3 along from afar while dating Hobbs here and the kids all know it. Her and Hobbs get into a little spat and she flys off to Colorado to be with B3 for the weekend. A little birdie told us a few months back that Hobbs was fueding with Sybil because she was pressuring him too much to get married. Low and behold B3 is in town and staying at her place in her parent’s basement during this time. B3 goes back to Colorado and Hobbs is back in the picture and they’re looking for a house together. It’s absolutely insane that neither of these guys know about each other but it’s not our problem right? Just wish it wasn’t affecting the kids so much though you know?

Well, all has been quiet for the last few months and it seems that her and Hobbs are engaged and buying a house. Well- Hobbs is buying the house FOR Sybil that is. Hopefully she will stick with this guys and there will be a little more consistancy in the girls’s lives now. This morning I get an email from B3- “I’m really interested in talking to you- I’m tired of Sybils BS- she totally played me” I responded “Seriously? Why on earth would I trust you and I’m not interested in whatever your agenda is.” I have enough drama in my life- I so don’t need this. I suppose I brought this on myself because I opened up the original line of communication but …GOOD GRIEF! Apparently B3 proposed to her back in February - she said yes and now won't take his calls. All the while sporting a ring from Hobbs and planning their new life together. She's such a ROCK STAR!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I should just get 'SUCKER' tatooed on my forehead :-(

But have I learned a lesson from it? ABSOLUTELY. I will NEVER AGAIN just hand cash over to MN and MS with the task to go pick out some decent and affordable summer clothes.

Over the course of the past year of FINALLY having the girls shared placement we have dedicated a healthy amount of time toward teaching them the much needed skill of spending wisely and being very cost conscious. Sybil marries men for money and when she milks them dry she leaves them for someone that has more. It's a simple fact at this point so I won't beat around the bush. The girls have learned from watching her over the years and know nothing of financial limitations, budgets or restrictions. It's amazing how fast they can burn through cash. I recall the first time I took them seriously shopping. They would bring me something and say "can I get this?" and I would respond "How much is it?" And they had no idea and didn't think it mattered or was important. Since then we give them guidelines - $15-$20 for a pair of jeans is reasonable, $50 is not (unless they shrink your thighs, turn your ass into a 'happen'en onion' and make you look 2 sizes smaller - then price is no object but they don't need to know that.) ALWAYS ALWAYS go to the clearance rack first and work your way out of the store. T.J. Maxx., Marshall's, Ross etc. are your friends and Abercrombie is only for when you have a gift card. We don't have a budget for full price brand names so neither do they.

As I stated, over the past year they were getting a lot better. Making the right decisions....UNTIL.....I trusted them with $300 in cash ($150 a piece) to get summer clothes last weekend. We were crazy busy and I didn't have time to take them. I told them "Here you go, be wise, and make it stretch."

They mentioned a few things they got when we crossed paths the next day. "Oh I got some skirts (MS is in a short flirty skirt streak) and MN got some jeans." I was like "What?" she giggles and I figured I must have misunderstood. The next morning they're getting ready for school and sure shit MN has new frayed/worn look ABERCROMBIE jeans on that she rolled up mid calf. I was like- "Those your new jeans?" She's like "yeah you like em?" I said- "That's not summer clothes- how much do you have left?"...she responds "I dunno." as they scurry out the door.

I AM FREAKING TICKED. So I dart up to their bedroom, all the bags sitting there empty- not a price tag or receipt to be found. They are back to square one with me now. I need to babysit their every freaking purchase now. What a huge disappointment.