Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In the line of fire

So Sybil called Norm on a warpath mainly because she knows she’s been totally dropping the ball on the contacts/glasses thing, feels only about an ounce of the inadequacy she should be feeling and is, in turn, lashing out at Norm. What a bitch. He is no longer her whipping boy. I just wish he’d defend himself (and me for that matter) with a little more whoop ass.

She then proceeds to pull the old ‘it’s your fault’ card out by stating verbally and via an e-mail that Norms lack of communication is the reason MS hasn’t gotten the contacts yet. Unreal. She is so totally and completely delusional. Norm and I both have e-mailed and called about this only for her to drop the ball over and over. She is too busy working on her next victim to focus on her kids and their health. See right now, them needing health care is an inconvenience. Normally it’s the highlight of her day, especially if it’s something that she can put even the slightest serious spin on. She feeds on the attention of have sick children to the point that it’s very dangerous…but that’s to be ‘outed in detail’ on another day. I’m too tired and ticked off to type about it now.


  1. ick watch out. hypo's looooove having something to make a fuss over. Seriously, the Ex has convinced 10K that he has claustrophobia and anxiety attacks. A ten year old. Can you say, Psycho? :)

  2. Oh we deal with the Hypo Queen. She is truly borderline Munchausen AND Munchausen by proxy. Not THAT is scary stuff. It crosses arenas as well for the kids- physical health issues and mental health issues. MS twisted her ankle once. We took her to the DR, he ex-rayed and said it was fine, she could walk on it gingerly. She went to Sybil's the next day and she was on crutches within hours, it was wrapped and splinted and rumors were going around that it was a fracture that couldn't be set yet.