Monday, November 1, 2010

The Sybil Saga continued and other musings

Let's see - the last time I posted it was in January of this year- wow, time flies when you're having fun eh? Just when you think things can't get worse, inevitable they do. In February things with the girls' attendance had escalated to the point where the trigger in the order needed to be enforced which included placement changing whereby they would be with us during all school nights. So we notified everyone and sat the girls down to discuss the situation. Lots of tears and anger later the next day they go off to school. A few days later of denied visitation and MS and MN file a restraining order against Norm based 100% on fabricated lies. After one hearing the Judge told the girls, Sybil and their attorney that he saw absolutely no basis and if they didn't withdraw the filing he would throw it out completely. So they withdrew to spare themselves the embarrassment.

This in turn prompted the court appointed GAL to file a counter motion against Sybil because she believed Sybil and her parents were 100% behind the ridiculous RO filings and that the parental alienation was running rampant. Her motion consisted of basically writing off MS and placing MN solely with us with no contact with Sybil and all her family to include MS who is now determined to be one of the ring leaders of this fiasco. The court transferred the case to the Juvenile court because a Child Protection motion was also filed in conjunction. That ended up going nowhere ultimately because the judicial system totally sucks and they felt it belonged in family court so we were essentially then back to square one.

The girls were (and still are) refusing to come, the GAL's license was put on probation for some weird bankruptcy error made back in 2006 so the case has essentially been put on hold until now since it is now reinstated and she's in good standing. I suspect that trial will not occur until probably January if at all. At this point we have completely lost any hope for MS and pray there is still hope for MN. I guess only time will tell.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Conflict avoidance rearing its ugly head again

I hate complaining about my Normy I really do- but I just can’t help it. The situation as of late has escalated to the point where I’m just angry.

I’m a fighter by nature, I fight for what is mine, I fight for those who can’t fight for themselves, I fight for what’s right and good and I fight for justice even when in reality it’s just a myth. This is one quality Norm doesn’t really appreciate about me- most likely because he’s a rather passive man. When things get out of whack with Sybil and the girls I prefer to fight to sustain order and he prefers to ‘let it slide’ until eventually it gets totally out of control. Let me add that his motive for letting things slide are partially driven by fear of MN & MS's reaction and Sybil and her agent’s.

That order has been deteriorating slowly but surely over the course of the last 6 months. For example: Sybil is back to her old tricks of dragging the girls to the Dr for every sniffle in addition to subjecting them to needless medical tests (Sybil has Munchhausen by Proxy tendencies in addition to some hypochondria stuff going on.) The girls both have missed a TON of school this semester- granted some of it is excused (flu related) but the majority is again related to their random stuffy noses and lack of desire to attend class. This was a MAJOR issue in both custody battles as the girls were missing on average 30-60 days of school per year, but I digress. This in turn has caused both of them to receive F’s on their report cards as of late. Add the major bullshit to the minor bullshit and you get a nice sized shit storm. Neither of them have done their chores in MONTHS, MS uses my old car which mysteriously obtained “dukes of hazard slide” type scratch marks on the hood and refuses to even attempt to look for a job to help contribute to insurance and gas.

As of today- Norm has not shared his concern with Sybil about the unnecessary medical stuff, barely mentions the issues with absences and responsibilities, nor did the girls receive any repercussions for their grades. The truancy issue is spelled out clearly in the last court order that if either girls are absent without a written medical excuse from school for a total of 5 days or more they are to be with Norm every school night starting at 8 p.m. and their school district changes to our district (right now they are in Sybil’s district of choice- she doesn't even live in that district anymore but plans to move back).

Only after my massive prompting and pulling out the court order did Norm take the initiative to look up their attendance records online- which shows that MN was absent more than 20 times this 1st semester and MS was absent about the same and almost every day they were absent was during Sybil’s placement times. Now, I’m sure some of it is legitimate but seriously??? Norm is very hesitant to push the issue because Sybil, her parents and the girls will become completely irrational and neurotic. I say bring it on.

The whole purpose of us going back to court was to get the truancy issue under control. They were pretty good about following it last year but old habits die hard. Now that we have this court order clearly spelling out the truancy stuff- Norm won’t push the issue??? I am getting so very very tired of this shit. It was my money too that helped finance this battle – this “investment” in the girls, their future and well being. Without Norm to enforce the rules- I believe this may have been just another bad investment that is providing no return.