Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The 12 days of a Sybil filled Christmas

On the 1st day or Christmas, thy Sybil gave to me- a hint that she’s either getting remarried to the latest victim or a job because she’ll have insurance coverage for the girls for the first time EVA!!!

On the 2nd day of Christmas, thy Sybil gave to me- a load of crap about Norm trying to ‘manipulate the court order’ - how does one do that anyway- it’s clear as a freaking bell?

On the 3rd day of Christmas, thy Sybil gave to me- a little peace and quiet…she backed off when Norm FINALLY defended himself and basically told her that the girls are ‘telling her what they think she wants to hear’ regardless if it’s true or not AND that he was going to be discussing this with the therapists because he’s tired of the manipulation from the girls. WOO HOO-GO NORM!

On the 4th day of Christmas, thy Sybil gave to me- a request to take the girls on vacation to Disney over Christmas Break???? How very intersting seeing as:
a) She has NEVER taken the girls on a major vacation before
b) This comes less than 6 months after we took the girls to Disney for a week. Coincidence???
c) She has no money so her new boyfriend must be taking them- poor sucker!
d) She mentioned getting insurance and we doubt VERY highly she’s actually getting a job- could this be a wedding trip? We heard her boyfriend was bringing a friend…possibly a best man or witness??? Hmmmmmm.

On the 5th day of Christmas, thy Sybil gave to me- a no show at the meeting with the girls therapists. What could be more important than discussing the mental health of her daughters? Ah, it was good she didn’t show- the therapists shared some really great feedback that the girls are adjusting very well in our home and that it would be a good time to implement some chores to help the girls feel more like the home is theirs too. Tee he he.

On the 6th day of Christmas thy Sybil gave to me- lack of accountability. THERE’S A BIG SURPRISE! So the CS order never got implemented. We’ve been trying to get this resolved for weeks and asked Sybil to look into it too seeing as it’s a total pain in her ass to go to the bank every other week (if we’re lucky) to get a cachiers check for the overage she’s receiving. Think she can lift a finger to look into this since she doesn’t work? No f’en way.

On the 7th day of Christmas, thy Sybil gave to me- cooperation in regard to the girls Christmas presents in that she would make sure no one else got them the same thing we did. Huh.

On the 8th day of Christmas, thy Sybil gave to me- the itinerary for their trip to Disney. Apparently they’re taking their cousin too- she’s a little demon…sound like a BLAST.

On the 9th day of Christmas, thy Sybil gave to me- a rumor that she’s breaking up with the guy fronting the bill for the Disney trip- when they come back. It’s just a RUMOR…but right up her alley.

On the 10th day of Christmas, thy Sybil gave to me- a possible match made in heaven? Some background: during Custody Battle 2- Sybil hired a ‘friend/parent/acquantence’ who was an attorney to represent her. This woman also represented Sybil’s sister during her nasty, false accusation filled divorce. It ended up rather poorly for the attorney with both as Sybil’s sister never paid her and so she slapped a judgement on her. Then Sybil refused to pay her too and she slapped a judgement on Sybil as well. The atty screwed up on Sybils sisters appeal and the judge dismissed her judgement. This attorney is still after Sybil for a pretty penny AND she just filed another motion against Sybil for contempt…wonder what that’s about. I believe Sybil has finally met her match- her former ‘friend/parent/acquantence’ attorney wants to make her pay and has the time and legal expertise to do it. I look forward to watching this one shake out.

On the 11th day of Christmas, thy Sybil gave to me- ATTEMPTED INSURANCE FRAUD???? Found out she tried claiming some medical bills on her former husbands health insurance well after the divorce was finalized. It was very intentional- the treatment occurred months and months after the divorce. It was denied but there will be no punishment for her. She’ll get away with it no doubt- she always does.

And finally on the 12th day of Christmas, thy Sybil gave to me- one final lie before the New Year that puts her in contempt. She got the child support on the 9th of December and was supposed to reimburse us ‘immediately’- which to her means 2 weeks. Norm called her on December 23rd asking why he didn’t have it yet and she said she’d drop a check off later that day. Nothing. Then she left for Disney so we still have not gotten it. That’s 3 weeks she’s had Norm’s money, during Christmas- the most expesive time of the year and now she owes for the pmt she received in later December. Awesome.

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