Friday, May 29, 2009

3 Freaks, 2 cars, 1 stepdaughter...Priceless

In an email back in late January after being asked if she was willing to go in on a car for MS, Sybil stated that she could not afford to. Then when being asked if her parents (psychotic- overindulging freaks) were giving or buying MS a car she said ‘No’. MS may be able to drive one of theirs for after school stuff but that’s it.

So, we proceeded to search for a reasonable and dependable vehicle for MS, found one, bought it and told her that it was our car but she would be using it to get back and forth from school etc. while she was with us. Since it was in our name, we couldn’t very well let her use it when she wasn’t under our supervision (Sybil lets her do just about anything she wants.) So we decided we just can’t expose ourselves to that type of liability issue.

So Sybil’s psycho parents have given her a car to use all the time-even while she’s with us. Interesting how we are informed of this AFTER we have already purchased a vehicle for her to drive. So YAY for MS- now she is one of the rare and elite teenagers who have two vehicles at her disposal. Ugh. Now comes the issue with insurance. We insure her on our end for the jaw dropping –eye popping astounding amount of $1100 per year (why do I feel like I have just been violated?) And so I presume that they (Sybil and her agents) will be doing the same??? Hmmmm. Seems pretty silly huh? I’m checking with our agent to find out if there is a ‘partial placement’ discount. I’m guessing NOT.

Is it wrong of me to think the Sybil and her parents did this intentionally? Yes…there really ARE dumb questions.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sybil’s maddening entitlement issues

As a stay at home ‘mom’ –and I use that term very loosely with this woman…one would think Sybil would be a little more appreciative of the fact that Norm has such great health benefits. Now- there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that Sybil needs to stay at home anymore since all her children are in school but that's a whole nother issue. There has been a constant battle since the beginning of Norm and Sybil’s split about uninsured medical expenses- co pays and the excess in which the insurance company doesn’t cover. Which, btw is typically minimal unless of course you’re a serious hypochondriac with Munchausen by proxy tendencies (Sybil to a T). Sybil tends to drag MS and MN to the doctor for every little cough or sniffle…demanding they run tests and take x-rays etc. It has frustrated us beyond reality that we’ve had to pay for half of medical expenses almost solely due to her extreme behavior.

Lately (over the past year or so) to add insult to injury, she has actually complained about the “fact” that she has to pay for half of OUR family deductible. I am quite certain her anti-Christ-like parents have planted this load of crap seed in her puny brain because everyone knows she’s not smart enough to have come up with this on her own. The irony about the situation is this – out of the 5 individuals of OUR family that the deductible covers- MS and MN go to the doctor the most. Me, Norm and Normonster are rarely sick much less go to the Dr. It only makes sense that she’s going to be paying for half of the deductible since she drags them to the Dr all the time.

Looking at the big picture- she should be so grateful that Norm’s insurance coverage is still so good. She should feel pretty f-ing lucky he has a job at all in this economy to support her lazy ass. Instead she has to bitch and wine that she’s getting the short end of the stick. This is just ONE little teeny tiny example of how she feels entitled and like the world and especially MY HUSBAND owes her.

I want to be JUST LIKE HER when I grow up. ((((shudder))))