Friday, February 13, 2009

Sociopath or Seditious

Mini-Sybil is my 15 year old step daughter. By far she is the most damaged and brainwashed by Sybil and her clan. They have fed her so much garbage that that’s all she knows in addition to her possibly having a chemical imbalance that has been addressed, she is very weak, insecure and doesn’t have the highest IQ. I’m not trying to be mean…I’m simply stating what I know. We knew going into this that she would be our biggest challenge because she has gone to the dark side, but so far it’s been ok.

The definition of OK in this situation is this: She is sweet and kind and respectful to your face. Acts very innocent and doesn’t push the envelope verbally or behaviorally when she’s with us. She goes online via facebook or myspace and the real MS shows up. It’s loaded with profanity, sexual context – sometimes highly sexual, and inappropriate comments.

Recently my car was vandalized to the tune of over $3K in damage. My only enemy is Sybil’s father-MS’s grandfather. He has harassed, threatened and intimidated me before. He was suspected of slashing our tires (3 different cars) in the same night after an argument with him. His wife called my work twice trying to get me fired. Suffice to say I am their #1 target. So when the police asked me who I suspected –I stated Sybil’s dad. We did not tell MS and kept her out of it because it’s none of her business. Sybil’s Dad on the other hand tells MS that we’re falsely accusing him and trying to get him in trouble. She gets angry at me and starts bashing me online calling me a F-ing B!tch. I find it, we lecture, she refuses to apologize and she is now grounded from the computer, her cell is taken away. She continues to act nice and sweet to my face and I am being immature and pretty much giving her the silent treatment.

In the past she has acted out like this. We were driving somewhere and she said sh!t instead of shoot. I called her on it. She denied it as though I didn’t hear it with my own ears. I argued with her and told her not to insult my intelligence. She proceeds to text her friend what a F-ing B I am and how she hates me and how she’s going to shoot me. She mistakenly sends the text to me. She gets busted and continues to treat me like I’m the greatest stepmom.

I know a little about sociopaths and she certainly has the make up for it – but is it really or is it just good old fashion teenage defiance….I used the think it was the latter…now I’m not so sure.

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