Friday, January 30, 2009

Constant Claiming

No…not Constant Craving.. the lovely song by K.D. Lang about - I don’t craving something. I’m speaking of Sybil’s act of constantly claiming she’s either A.) going to get a job or B) going back to school to get her degree.

The claim that she is going to get a job is then followed by the excuse that her hours of availability to work are so limited because she has to run her children around all day to appointments and such. Now, mind you 90% of the ‘running around’ she insists that is required of her is self induced. One may ask how this is possible. I have an answer.

First, she has entitled her children in such a way that they insist on going to a school district that she no longer lives in. She has made little effort to move back into that school district and so they need to be driven to school on her days. The older ones (MS & MN) are dropped off at school in the morning at 7:15 for a 7:30 school time. Then the second set of children are dropped off at 8 and then 9 a.m. (these two are from Mark - her second husband.) Then, her children are picked up from their schools at 2:30, 3 p.m. and whenever the littlest one is finished with pre-school. She absolutely refuses to entertain the idea of changing school districts because “that’s not what they want.” And she refuses to look into before or after school care for the littler ones.

Granted- I will admit she’s in a predicament because of the economy now but she had ample opportunity over the past year to get a job, but she has not tried nor does she want to. This is the same woman that less than 8 months ago paid plenty of money to fight us tooth and nail for more child support than she legally deserved. She actually sat on the stand and stated on record “I have no potential” in the saddest little voice you’ve ever heard. Well, I beg to differ. There are still plenty of jobs out there that she is fully capable of doing but she is entirely too busy trying to secure her next victim who will financially take care of her. THAT is why she has no time to get a job.

The claim to go back to school…is a joke. The first time around she broke down because she couldn’t handle being so far away from her family and it was ‘too hard.’ The second time she was too busy making babies to make her grades. So what, the third time will be a charm? Hmmmm. Something tells me- it ain’t happn’en.

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  1. Man, I sooo have a hard time listening to "constant claiming." That is seriously one of my biggest pet peeves. Good luck!