Friday, May 29, 2009

3 Freaks, 2 cars, 1 stepdaughter...Priceless

In an email back in late January after being asked if she was willing to go in on a car for MS, Sybil stated that she could not afford to. Then when being asked if her parents (psychotic- overindulging freaks) were giving or buying MS a car she said ‘No’. MS may be able to drive one of theirs for after school stuff but that’s it.

So, we proceeded to search for a reasonable and dependable vehicle for MS, found one, bought it and told her that it was our car but she would be using it to get back and forth from school etc. while she was with us. Since it was in our name, we couldn’t very well let her use it when she wasn’t under our supervision (Sybil lets her do just about anything she wants.) So we decided we just can’t expose ourselves to that type of liability issue.

So Sybil’s psycho parents have given her a car to use all the time-even while she’s with us. Interesting how we are informed of this AFTER we have already purchased a vehicle for her to drive. So YAY for MS- now she is one of the rare and elite teenagers who have two vehicles at her disposal. Ugh. Now comes the issue with insurance. We insure her on our end for the jaw dropping –eye popping astounding amount of $1100 per year (why do I feel like I have just been violated?) And so I presume that they (Sybil and her agents) will be doing the same??? Hmmmm. Seems pretty silly huh? I’m checking with our agent to find out if there is a ‘partial placement’ discount. I’m guessing NOT.

Is it wrong of me to think the Sybil and her parents did this intentionally? Yes…there really ARE dumb questions.


  1. I'd just sell the car since they bought her one -and they probably did do it on purpose.

  2. First of all, having to insure a teen-ager myself. Your voilation isn't actually that bad. (I know you don't want to hear that.)

    Secondly, have you actually "seen" WITH YOUR OWN TWO EYES an insurance card for the other vehicle she's driving? (Hate to be the you-know-what, but BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.)

    Finally, sell the freaking car. You'll limit your liability and pad your wallet some.

  3. No- I have not seen an insurance card for the other car. It's a car they've had for some time. Now do they have to insure her on their end damb agent never called me back. I was presuming so but now I'm not so sure if hey know we have her fully insured... What a mess.

  4. I'd definitely sell her car. If her mother has custody of her, you shouldn't have to claim her as living with you on your insurance if you sell it right? (I hope anyway because we're looking at my stepdaughter getting her driver's license this summer and she lives with her mom so we're hoping it won't affect our insurance.)

  5. Sybil is claiming now that the hand me down is not MS's it's just a car she can drive. We have joint custody and equal placement so insurance is a mess. I think we're going to sign the car over to MS with a disclaimer that she cannot sell it and that it gets handed over to MN when she gets her licence. THen BM can pay the insurance and we'll 'help'- whatever that means.