Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mini-Sybil and the act of Sexting

We received a call last Sunday from the father of a boy who was apparently Sexting with MS. Many of the ‘messages’ involved pictures. (Blech- I reviewed them this morning.) I honestly can’t say I’m surprised in the least. Despite our constant monitoring of her online activity, her cell phone has been a bit more challenging since she deletes all incoming and outgoing messages as soon as possible. Sybil’s parents are the cell phone providers so we can’t destroy them or cancel them and once she leaves our home it is immediately given back to her despite her behavior (I am certain the most recent behavior will have no impact on this ritual either.)

Sadly, she is mimicking her mother’s behavior almost to the letter. Last Summer- through MS’s Myspace we discovered she had access to her mother’s boyfriend’s MySpace account (follow me there?). His account had a buffet of inappropriate content much of which involved her own mother. Since Sybil is absolutely worshiped by her daughters, especially MS, it was pretty much inevitable that she would follow in her footsteps with the grand desire to “be like Mom.” That, has now come to fruition.

The boy’s parents are none too happy with him, and want to meet so that he can apologize to us. MS will be mortified…as she should be. Should be an interesting weekend.

I’m going to go though up now.


  1. Yech! I feel for you!!! I hate cell phones for kids...I swear the devil has a field day in hell everytime a kid under 18 gets one...

  2. Whoah, so frustrating!

    I tend to agree with TripleKTrouble...hormone-seized teenagers + instant ability to send naughty pics = trouble.

  3. Yeah, I've just about had it with thier cell phones too. I just wish Norm wasn't so damb soft of her about it. It won't be long before she's allowed to use it again.

  4. Oh Gosh! I can't even imagine. You must be mortified.

  5. Blech. I first heard about this a year ago ( My daughter isn't at the age/stage yet where she's deleting texts (yet). In fact, I go thru them and delete because she lets them build and take up memory. I expect it to happen soon and then we'll have to figure out something else - some way to monitor her. My 16yo sd keeps a password on her cell (provided by her bm) so it can't be checked. I don't know if her mother has the code or not. Considering the ex rarely checks their myspace pages, I doubt it. She won't let them accept us as friends on their myspace pages so we can't check up on them ourselves.